Genting Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing has been drawing crowds in the UK since 1926. It’s more accessible than horse racing – if you live in a major city you can visit a racing track easily and enjoy the thrill live in the middle of a roaring crowd. Greyhound racing betting can add to the fun with big winnings riding on the performance of your chosen dog. GentingBet offers the best up to date information on Greyhound racing odds so you have the information you need to bet on races across the country, all year. The biggest event in the Greyhound racing calendar is the British Greyhound Derby. Moved from its old home in Wimbledon to a brand-new track in Towcester this year, the annual race is a chance for old hands in the Greyhound racing community to meet up, and first timers to join in the fun make their first greyhound bet. The owners are racing their dogs for the chance to take home a winner’s purse of £175,000, so the competition is intense. As well as the British Derby, English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Greyhound racing have their own Derby competitions every year. Dogs and owners also practice and establish their form with regular races throughout the year, working to establish a name for themselves as a major force in the Greyhound racing world. With races taking place up and down the country every week, everyone has a chance to learn the form of their favourite dogs, and master Greyhound betting odds to become an experienced winner.
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